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Alexander "Alex" Emerick Jones (11 February 1974)[1] is, acording to "Austin American-Statesman", "a radio show host, documentary film maker, writer and conspiracy theorist", who "hosts 'The Alex Jones Show', which airs on over sixty radio stations and is heard by 2 million listeners per week" and founded Ideologically, he is a self-described libertarian and "aggressive constitutionalist".[2] Some consider him Alt Right.[3]


David and Carol Jones are Alex's parents. Carol lives with her husband David, who is a dentist. The "Austian American-Statesman" says: "Both are very close to their three grandchildren, who are frequent visitors to their home." They are estranged from their former daughter-in-law Kelly Jones, who blames them and Alex "for turning her children against her".[4]

Former wife Kelly Jones

In 2015, Alex and his former wife, Kelly Jones, finalised their divorce.[2] According to, "Kelly Jones has inspired online rage among those who insist that Jewish people are inherently evil", which would suggest that many people believe she's Jewish.[5] On 28 March 2013, for example, the website posted on article titled "Alex Jones['s] Jewish Wife Makes Attempt on His Life", after Alex posted a video on showing he had found a Texas redheaded centipede in his bathroom.[6][5]

Marriage to Erika Wulff

After his marriage to Kelly Jones ended, Alex married Erika Wulff.[7]


Child custody trial


On 17 April 2017, a two-week custody trial began for the purpose of determining whether Alex or Kelly would get sole or joint custody of their son Rex and their two daughters, who had been living with Alex since their divorce. Rex was 14 and their daughters were 9 and 12 at the time.[2][8]

17 April

Jury selection begins on this day, a Monday.[9] Charlie Warzel of Buzzfeed tweets: "Of the 70 or so potential jurors, 22 by my count believe they have negative preconceived associations with Jones or Infowars".[10] The "Austin American-Statesman" said that there were 20 jurors with these negative associations and that 13 of them suggested "they would find it hard to be fair" to him.[11]

18 April

Kelly Jones's attorney, Bobby Newman, tells the court that Alex once forgot what grade his kids were in and attributed this lapse of memory to "a big bowl of chili" he ate for lunch that day. Bobby alleges that Alex instructed his kids "to record their mother for evidence against her in [the] custody case". Bobby alleges that Alex's "enmeshing" his children in Infowars, especially his son Rex, leaves them vulnerable to death threats.[12] Travis County Judge Orlinda Naranjo[13] asks Alex to "stop making faces" after Bobby's opening remarks.[12]

19 April

A former "mental health" counsellor of Kelly's, Trey Gilbert, testifies that Kelly had alleged during an April 2015 session that Alex "was verbally, emotionally and sexually abusive" to her.[5] BuzzFeed reporter Charlie Warzel overhears Alex say to someone in the courtroom that they are trying to destroy his livelihood.[14] Austin "psychologist" Alissa Sherry testifies that Alex was "diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder and did not originally go to therapy for it, but later did".[15][16]

Alex says he does his "rants" on Infowars "as a form of art", but this doesn't mean he doesn't believe in what he does. He says: "I believe in the overall political program I am promoting of Americana and freedom."[17][2] He says that "90% of Infowars is hard news and punditry" and that "there is satire as well and short skits".[18]

20 April

Alex says to Bobby: "You have won the award sir. No decency, zero." When cross-examining him today, Bobby asks him: "You haven’t had any chili this morning?" In response to a question of Bobby's, Alex acknowledges having "smoked marijuana in Texas, in violation of state law, in the last year and a half or two years".[19] Bobby wants to bring up the Infowars T-shirt with a picture of Bill Clinton with the word "RAPE" below it, but Orlinda won't allow it.[20][21] Alex had offered a $1,000 reward for wearing it and showing it on national TV "for at least 5 seconds" or $5,000 to anyone who could "be vocally heard saying 'Bill Clinton is a rapist' while wearing" it and showing it on national TV.[22][13]

21 April

Carol, Alex's mother, takes the stand, saying she and her husband David, Alex's father, are "involved with Infowars, to the tune of millions of dollars". Carol confirms that Kelly once said to David: "I am going to get back at you for what you did to me. God is going to crush you in Jesus’ name." When Bobby asks her "what good things she could say about Kelly Jones as a mother", Carol says "she was extremely conscientious about their appearance and safety".[4]

Alex's attorneys ask "for a mistrial over a video from the Joe Rogan radio show that was shown during the previous day's hearing" in which Alex discusses the "Access Hollywood" tape in which Donald Trump says that women let stars "do anything", including "grab 'em by the pussy". That part of the video was played by mistake. They had intended to play a part of the video where Alex smokes marijuana live on air. Orlinda denies the motion.[23][24]

24 April

David, Alex's dad, is the first called to the stand by Alex's legal team today. When he's asked "if he thinks it’s appropriate for his three grandchildren to be exposed to his son’s broadcasting", he says: "99 percent of the material on Infowars I would like the kids to be exposed to." He estimates "that he and his wife have made millions of dollars in recent years through his role in helping manage his son’s business endeavors."[7]

25 April

Kelly brings up Alex's claim, that he made on Infowars, that he had sex with over 150 women by the time he was 16. Alex's attorney's object and say that Orlinda said they would stay clear of Infowars, where the claim was made.[25][26][27][28] Kelly's attorney says it's ridiculous to say it's off limits because it was said on Infowars.[29] Kelly calls Infowars a "portal of hate". Alex's attorney's quickly object and the objection is sustained.[30] Kelly's attorneys suggest that "Alex accused Kelly of sending the death threats".[31] The threats were made on Alex's Twitter account in April 2016.[32] Kelly makes the claim that it is true that Alex blamed her.[33]

26 April

Charlie Warzel of BuzzFeed writes in a tweet that both sides in Alex's "trial have closed. All evidence been shown. All that's left are closing arguments and verdict."[34]

27 April

Near midnight, the jury awards Alex and Kelly joint custody of the children. Kelly was given "deciding power over where the children will live".[35]

28 April

Alex holds a press conference with "all the fake news media"[36] to "slam reports that he'd lost custody of his three children"[35] on the 27th, saying that he wanted "to respond to grossly inaccurate media reports"[37] and that "[t]he jury resoundingly rejected her [Kelly's] request for sole custody".[38] The only thing that changed was "who can designate the primary residence."[39] At one point in the conference he said that some of the media "might be real".[40]

He talked briefly about Donald Trump, saying: "I'm very happy about Trump on some issues, like trying to get our jobs back to America. I think it's terrible that Trump is talking about indicting Assange, who he said: 'If you got more stuff, give it to me.'"[41]

Settles lawsuit with Chobani

On 17 May 2017, Alex settled a lawsuit filed against him by the Greek yogurt manufacturer Chobani, which was founded by its CEO Hamdi Ulukaya, a Kurdish immigrant from Turkey. According to the "Los Angeles Times", "The key component of the settlement required him to retract comments about refugees and the company he had made on his Infowars broadcast last month [April 2017]."[42][43] Alex had made the comments after a 7-year-old from Iraq was accused of touching a 5-year-old girl in a laundry room at the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, whilst a 10- and 14-year-old from Eritrea "were accused of using a cellphone to record a video of the incident".[44] The "Los Angeles Times" says: "The false narrative pushed by Jones included the involvement of Syrians, rape and urinating in the victim’s mouth. Jones linked it — along with some unrelated cases of tuberculosis — to Chobani. All of it was untrue."[43] Alex released the following statement:

During the week of April 10, 2017, certain statements were made on the Infowars Twitter feed and YouTube channel regarding Chobani L.L.C. that I now understand to be wrong. The tweets and video have now been retracted and will not be reposted. On behalf of Infowars, I regret that we mischaracterised Chobani, its employees and the people of Twin Falls, Idaho, the way we did.[42][43]

Chobani had sought the removal of the tweets and video and damages in excess of $10,000.[43] There was no word on whether Chobani received money from settlement.[43][45]

Ezra Levant comes on Infowars

On 20 July 2017, The Rebel Media Founder Ezra Levant, who had recently returned from a Trip to Iraq, came on Infowars for a roughly 17-Minute Talk with Alex about Christians in Iraq.[3]


Twitter-Conversation with David Hogg and Speculation about whether YouTube-Channel would be shut down

In late February 2018, Alex feared that The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube would get shut down after a Video "David Hogg Can’t Remember His Lines In TV Interview" was removed from the Channel. David Hogg is a Parkland-Shooting-Surviver.[46][47][48]

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