Andrew William Meyer


Andrew William Meyer (15 September 1986)[1] is the Man who cried out "Don't tase me, Bro!" as he was being arrested and tased after asking John Kerry three Questions, which were:

  1. How could he have conceded "the 2004-Election on the Day, when in this Book ['Armed Madhouse' by Greg Palast], it says there were 5 Million Votes that were suppressed"?
  2. If he was against War with Iran, why wasn't he calling for George W. Bush's impeachment?
  3. Was he a Member of Skull and Bones, like George W. Bush?[2]

At the Time, Andrew was a Student at the University of Florida.[2] Andrew finished his Time at UF and went on to attend Law-School at Florida International University.[3][4] He is now a Host and Producer at Mike Cernovich's Website[5] Andrew is Jewish.[6][7]

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