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Geert Wilders op Prinsjesdag 2014 (cropped)
Geert Wilders is the founder and leader of the Dutch Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV), which is translated variously as "Freedom Party", "Party for Freedom" or "Party of Freedom".[1][2][3] Dutch anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen published an article about Geert in 2009 through which the public came to know about his Indonesian roots.[4] Some have taken to calling him "Captain Peroxide" and "Mozart".[2] Geert's maternal grandmother was Jewish-Indonesian.[5] He has said he hates Islam, but doesn't hate Muslims.[6] Because of his hatred of Islam, he is guarded round the clock. He wants to ban the Qur'an and close all mosques in the Netherlands[3] and seeks to thwart Eurabia.[7] For years now, he has worn a bulletproof vest and slept in a different place every night.[8]

"Fewer Moroccans" trial ("minder-Marokkanen"-proces)

On 19 March 2014, Geert made a speech before his supporters in which he asked them if they wanted "meer of minder Marokkanen [more or fewer Moroccans]" in the Netherlands. The crowd enthusiastically began to chant, "Minder, minder, minder [Fewer, fewer, fewer]!" For this, Geert was tried and found guilty on 9 December 2016 of insultation of a group (groepsbelediging), but not guilty of incitement to hatred (aanzetten tot haat). However, no punishment was handed down, it having been determined "that verdicts were sufficient punishment".[9][10][11] After his conviction, his popularity rose in Dutch polls.[12]

Europe of Nations and Freedoms EU Parliament group

On 15 June 2015, Geert joined Marine Le Pen's Europe of Nations and Freedoms EU Parliament group (French: Europe des Nations et des Libertés), which is sometimes incorrectly called Europe of Nations and Freedom and which was founded that day.[13][14]

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