Infogalactic or is an Online-Encyclopaedia that was founded on 4 February 2016.[3][4] Like Everipedia, "Breitbart", which considers Wikipedia biased, celebrated when Infogalactic came on the Scene,[3] and like Everipedia, Infogalactic began as a Wikipedia-Fork,[5] which apparently means it started with all of Wikipedia's Articles as a Base to build on. It sees "itself as a censorship-free alternative to Wikipedia without 'bias or thought police'".[3] Theodore Beale, also known as Vox Day,[6] is the Website's lead Designer. Theodore is the Author of the Book "SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police", which contains a Foreword written by Milo Yiannopoulos.[6] Theodore has said the following: "The single biggest problem with Wikipedia isn’t Jimmy Wales or its outmoded 1995 technology, but the fact that it is patrolled by 532 left-wing thought police who aggressively force their biased perspective on the rest of the world."

Infogalactic has seven Canons that could be compared to the five Pillars of Wikipedia:[3]

  1. Infogalactic does not define reality.
  2. Infogalactic is non-ideological and seeks to present objective points of view.
  3. Infogalactic is free content.
  4. No griefing.
  5. Play nice and play fair.
  6. Rules are guidelines for users, not chew toys for lawyers.
  7. Facts are facts.[7]

An Article on "Wired" described Infogalactic as the Wikipedia of the Alt Right and Vox Day as an Alt Right Personality.[8]

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