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Charlottesville 1.0-3.0 were three Rallies that were convened to protest against the pending possible Removal of a Statue of confederate General Robert E. Lee from Emancipation-Park (formerly known as Lee-Park), which is on hold due to Litigation.[1][2][3][4] In Charlottesville 1.0 and 3.0 and the Night before Charlottesville 2.0, a.k.a. the Unite the Right, Protesters carried Tiki-Torches on the Way to and during their Time at Emancipation-Park.

Charlottesville 1.0

Charlotessville 1.0 was a Tiki-Torch-March on 13 May 2017, led by Richard Spencer, to the Robert-E.-Lee-Statue, that was preceded by a Gathering earlier that Day at Jackson-Park.[5] Protesters chanted "All white Lives matter", "No more Brother-Wars", "You will not replace us" and "Russia is our Friend".[6] Then-Charlottesville-Mayor Mike Signer spoke out in Opposition to the Demonstration:[7]

Charlotesville 2.0, a.k.a. Unite the Right

Charlottesville 2.0, a.k.a. Unite the Right, was a Rally, organised by Alt-Right-Activist Jason Kessler and scheduled for 12 August 2017 at 12:00 p.m. in Charlottesville, Virginia.[8][9][10][4] Those scheduled to speak were Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Jason Kessler, Baked Alaska, Augustus Invictus and Christopher Cantwell.[11] Groups present included "Daily Stormer"-Book-Clubs, several southern uS nationalist Groups, Identity Evropa, the Traditionalist Worker-Party, the Kuklux-Klan and the Rise-Above-Movement.[11][12][13] Gavin McInnes, the Leader of the Proud Boys, was considering an Invitation by Mike Enoch to send the Proud Boys to the Rally,[14] but he ended up deciding not to do it.[15] Despite this, it was reported that People from the Fraternal Order of Alt Knights (FOAK), a Branch of the Proud Boys, were present[16] and Kyle Chapman, the Leader of FOAK, wrote on Facebook that he had People live-streaming Coverage for him.[17] Other Individuals present included David Duke[18] and James Allsup.[19]


On 25 June 2017, there was a rightist Gathering at the Lincoln-Memorial called the Freedom-of-Speech-Rally, at which James Allsup, Augustus Invictus, Jason Kessler, Baked Alaska, Nathan Damigo, Christopher Cantwell, Connor Groce, Irma Hinojosa, Mike Enoch and Richard Spencer spoke. At said Rally, Augustus spoke about uniting the Right.[20]


In Audio made available by Unicorn-Riot, Elliot Kline told Rally-Participants prior to the Rally that if they lost a pending Court-Case, "Jasson Kessler v. City of Charlottesville, Virginia et al.",[21] and were told not to go to Emancipation-Park, which he referred to as Lee-Park, they were going anyway.[22] In a Discord-Text-Chat, someone using the Handle @everyone said, on 7 August 2017: "Bring as much gear and weaponry as you can within the confines of the law. I'm serious."[23] Richard Spencer mentioned this in his Motion to dismiss the Post-Rally-Lawsuit "Elizabeth Sines et al. v. Jason Kessler et al.", in which Richard is a Defendant, and doesn't deny @everyone said this.[24] This Quote by @everyone appears in the Lawsuit.[25]

11 August

The Unite-the-Right-Rally was preceded by a Tiki-Torch-March on 11 August, during which Protesters chanted things like "You will not replace us", "Jews will not replace us", "White Lives matter" and "Blood and Soil".[26][27] There was a very small Number of Counterprotesters there and it was relatively peaceful, although a Couple of People, one of whom was Christopher Cantwell, got maced by Counterprotesters.[28][29] After the Event, Richard Spencer tweeted this in Response to a Tweet by a Counterprotester, which he retweeted in his Tweet:[30][31]

12 August

At 11:40 a.m., it was announced by Law-Enforcement that Unite the Right was declared "an unlawful assembly".[32][33] When Richard Spencer heard this, he told his fellow Protesters that he would have to be dragged out and that they weren't leaving because they had "a g*****n Permit".[34] At this Point, the Rally-Organisers ordered those among them with Weapons to get out, because those who stayed faced the Possibility of Arrest.[18] As Police in Riot-Gear started pouring in the Area, Richard pleaded with them: "Don't do it! You are engaged in illegal Activity. Do you want to be involved in this? We are peacefully assembling. We have a Permit, we are peacefully demonstrating."[35] Richard and the Others who stayed engaged in what he called "passively resisting" the Police.[36] At 12:38 p.m., Richard tweeted:

Around 1:45 p.m.,[37] a 32-Year-old Woman, Antifascist Heather D. Heyer,[38][39] was killed and 19 were injured when a Car, driven by James Alex Fields jr, hit a Crowd of Counterdemonstrators after the Rally.[40][41][42][43] In a later deleted Tweet, Taylor Lorenz of "The Hill" wrote: "Anyway several police officers at the station here think the guy running people down wasn't malicious. They said the driver was scared". In another Tweet that was also deleted, she wrote: "His car was being swarmed by protesters and some of them were getting violent (like the guy who punched me/threw me down)".[44][45] The "guy" she is referring to was a Counterprotester named Jacob L. Smith, who was charged for Misdemeanor-Assault and -Battery for punching her in the Face because she was filming the Scene.[40][46] In the second Video below, a Counterprotester can be seen hitting the Car with something around the 3-Second-Mark. In a third deleted Tweet, Taylor wrote: "Police say the car was covered in dents prior and apparently hit by a bat".[45]


After Officials in Charlottesville denied Organisers of Unite the Right a Permit to hold the Rally at the Site of the Robert E. Lee Statue in Emancipation Park, the ACLU of Virginia and the Rutherford Institute filed a federal Lawsuit against the City of Charlottesville on behalf of Jason Kessler claiming his 1st- and 14th-Amendment-Rights were being denied by the City's Refusal to allow him and attendees to Access the Park on 12 August, which they had secured previous Approval to do.[47][4][48] The ACLU's stepping in drew Scorn from the Left.[48] Three California-ACLU-Affiliates, those of southern California, northern California and of San Diegan and Imperial Counties released the following Statement, which was seen as an Indication they would "no longer defend gun-carrying groups":[47][49]

We review each request for help on a case-by-case basis, but take the clear position that the First Amendment does not protect people who incite or engage in violence. If white supremacists march into our towns armed to the teeth and with the intent to harm people, they are not engaging in activity protected by the United States Constitution. The First Amendment should never be used as a shield or sword to justify violence.[47]

Pistol fired

Video Footage shows that a Man, an Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan named Richard W. Preston, fired a Pistol into the Ground toward a Counterprotester using an improvised Torch, which was spewing Flames toward Unite-the-Right-Attendees. Just before shooting, he called him the N-Word and told him to get his Torch out of the Way. Richard was arrested on 26 August 2017 near Baltimore.[50][51][52]

Virginia-Governor Terry McAuliffe's Statement

In an impromtu Street-Interview on 13 August 2017, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said, in defending the Performance of the Police at the Rally: "It’s easy to criticise, but I can tell you this, 80 Percent of the People here had semiautomatic Weapons".[53] Richard Spencer labeled Terry's Statement "patently absurd".[54]

Petition to revoke Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer's UVA-Diplomas

After the rally, a Care2 Petition was started at to ask the University of Virginia to revoke Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer's Degrees; both are UVA alumni. UVA "reserves the right to revoke diplomas previously conferred when the student has not satisfied the rules and regulations of the university". Over 7,300 People had signed the Petition by 18 August.[55] Part of it read: "[I]t makes me feel ill that I have to share my alumni status with the men responsible for terrorizing the city of Charlottesville and bringing torch-bearing nazis and klansmen to the lawn."[56] It was authored by UVA alumna Lacey Kohlmoos, who graduated from the school in 2005.[55]

Quotes about Charlottesville 2.0, a.k.a. Unite the Right

Angela Nagle

  • I believe now that Charlottesville marks the end of a significant phase of the alt-right.[57]

Evan McLaren

Charlottesville 3.0

Charlottesville 3.0 was a third Tiki-Torch-March, led by Richard Spencer, to the Robert-E.-Lee-Statue on 7 October 2017. After Richard's Speech, they sang "I wish I was in Dixie" and chanted Slogans. Mike Enoch and Then-Identity-Evropa-Leader[58] Elliot Kline were also there and spoke. In an Interview, Richard said that the Message was that "our Identity matters. We are not going to stand by and allow People to tear down these Symbols of our History and our People – and we’re going to do this again."[59]

Then-Charlottesville-Mayor Mike Signer[60] tweeted:

Richard deemed Charlottesville 3.0 "as success":


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