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Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew, is the husband of Ivanka Trump.[1] Ivanka could not get engaged to him until she converted to Judaism.[2] Jared's father is Charles Kushner. Charles gave a $2.5 million to Harvard University before Jared was admitted.[3] It is said Jared rescued a then-16-year-old Elisheva Ben Ze’ev from a man who was groping her during a group trip they took to Poland to learn about the Holocaust in 1998.[3]

The "purge of Christie loyalists" conspiracy theory

Shortly after Donald Trump's election victory, Jared dismissed people with ties to Chris Christie from the presidential transition team, something that was characterised by the media as 'a purge of Christie loyalists'. According to former US Congressman Mike Rogers, about five people who had "some relationship" with Chris were dismissed from the team.[4] There was speculation in the media that Jared had done this in revenge for Chris having prosecuted his father.[5] There were also rumours that Jared was the reason why Donald Trump chose to not make Chris his Vice President and instead chose Mike Pence.[6][5] Sources said that Donald had offered the job to Chris first.[6]


Jared has said that Steve Bannon is an "incredible Zionist", thereby making his position on Israel clear as well.[7] The "Forward" has written an article titled "How Jared Kushner Became a Teenage Hero — and Learned To Be a Zionist".[3]


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